What the data tells us about why your business should be on Instagram

Posted On: May 29th, 2019

What the data tells us about why your business should be on Instagram

When it comes to social media and, in particular, which social media venues are the best for businesses, everyone has an opinion. That’s all fine and good, but sometimes you have to silence the chatter and just look at the cold, hard data to figure out if a particular marketing strategy is right for you.

We’ve done that work and, as you know, we believe in Instagram as a significant strategy for growing businesses. We didn’t just form that opinion out of nowhere, however. To the contrary, we’re constantly monitoring data that pertains to our clients, their business interests, and social media in general. Here are just a few of the reasons we believe in Instagram as a key marketing strategy.

Travelers love Instagram

Several of our clients work in and around the travel industry. As you might imagine, social media has completely changed the landscape when it comes to marketing destination travel. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Instagram is worth several trillion words when it comes to travel!

These days, most travelers capture pictures with their phones. The vast majority of them post pictures to Instagram and hashtag appropriately. And, importantly, other people eat up that content. Indeed, if you doubt that Instagram is a haven for travelers, look no further than the fact that National Geographic is the most followed brand in that venue, with over 110 million followers.

At FLS, we can help you piggyback off the immense popularity of accounts like Nat Geo, and to turn their success into your own business triumphs.

Weird wins

Look, we can’t deny that Instagram is a well-known venue for celebrities to build their brand and grow their fan base. Nonetheless, something as simple as a chicken egg can go viral and build a following that would make the Kardashians blush.

What this tells us is that users are looking for unique, interesting content. Do you want attention on Instagram? Great! Be different, perhaps a little irreverent, and see what happens. If an egg can gather 8.7 million followers, imagine what your brand could do!

No one is getting tired of food porn

One of the things Instagram is most famous for (aside from celebrity photos) is its vast library of food photos. In fact, we have several clients in the food industry who are wisely looking to capitalize on this craze. And just in case you think you’re the only one looking at these photos, consider this data:

  • Instagram users have uploaded nearly 20 million photos of pizza;
  • Sushi appears in nearly 14 million Instagram photos;
  • There are 2.5 million photos of sandwiches on Instagram;
  • Bacon has over 6 million photos on the platform.

Our point is this – people love sharing images of food. If you’re in the food industry and you’re not on Instagram, you’re probably making a big mistake.

Instagram is a shoppers paradise

Unlike Facebook, which remains largely a “social” experience, Instagram has become a haven for consumers and businesses alike. Indeed, according to Instagram, 60% of users report that they use the platform to discover new products. Moreover, more than 200 million users claim to visit at least one business account every single day.

In the past, ad traffic of this magnitude would cost a fortune. Today, all it takes is a well thought out Instagram account and a little attention to your social marketing strategy. At FLS, we’ve seen the results businesses get when they start to pay attention to Instagram and craft a quality content strategy. The numbers don’t lie. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your business capitalize on this amazing marketing venue.

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