Evidence that Instagram and travel integrate perfectly

Posted On: April 18th, 2019

Evidence that Instagram & travel integrate perfectly

It’s no surprise that Instagram is very popular among travelers and travel destinations alike. After all, Instagram is more about photos than anything else. Tour retailers and travel destinations have long known the value of great travel photography. That’s why the glossy brochure was all the rage in the days before social media.

Nowadays, however, every solo traveler with a smartphone, an Instagram account, and a slight understanding of how hashtags work can be a major marketing boon for travel-related businesses. Moreover, many non-travel businesses are using the allure of travel prizes combined with the marketing power of Instagram to greatly increase their brand awareness. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at how the following companies are practically begging strong Instagram users to promote their goods and services:

#1: Southwest Airlines

Known as the “friendly flier,” Southwest has gained a reputation as a cheap, fun, and slightly inconvenient choice for frequent travelers. The airline has also long been a frontrunner in the use of social media to promote its brand.

Its latest promotion, however, has Instagram users sitting up and taking notice. Basically, if you have 2,500 or more Instagram followers, you can enter a contest to win a year’s worth of free flight travel from Southwest Airlines. Promoted as “Southwest’s Next Great Storyteller Search,” the contest is seeking quality content from strong influencers. The grand prize is 24 fully-paid one-way tickets on the airline that can be used within a year’s time.

Unlimited trips to Aruba, anyone?

#2: Valdo Prosecco

While Valdo technically isn’t a travel company (it’s a producer of the Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco), the brand brilliantly used a travel prize to lure consumers to mention the company on Instagram. Specifically, consumers were encouraged to post to Instagram their best Valdo-based cocktail recipes along with the hashtag #whatsinyourvaldo. The grand prize? A trip for two to Italy! The contest was fabulously successful and the simple allure of travel served as the basis for a massive increase in brand awareness.

#3: See Ya Never

The Bali-based clothing brand “See Ya Never” realized the power of Instagram long before other companies were even thinking about using the social media platform for promotional purposes. Way back in 2015 (ages ago in social-media-years), See Ya Never held a photo contest where contestants were required to submit photos on Instagram of regular people wearing the company’s casual beachwear. The grand prize? A trip for two to the company’s headquarters in Bali. Once again, the pull of travel resulted in thousands of posts the company would not have otherwise enjoyed.

#4: Norwegian Cruise Lines

Finally, Norwegian Cruise Lines has employed a rather simple strategy when it comes to promoting its worldwide cruises via Instagram. It simply asks consumers to post their authentic travel experiences with the company using the hashtag #cruiselikeanorwegian. To date, the hashtag has been used well over 32,000 times. Considering that all of the impressions made this way were entirely free, it makes the strategy a near-genius one.

According to some research, over three quarters of social media users post vacation photos to their social media accounts. Almost half of Instagram users also report turning to Instagram when they’re trying to decide on their next travel destination. With statistics like these, it seems like it is a huge mistake for companies not to integrate Instagram promotions with travel. As revealed above, the strategy appears to work for travel-related companies as well as those that have nothing to do with travel.

If you want to talk about ideas for how your company can use the integration of Instagram and travel to help promote your business, give us a call. In fact, there may be ways our clients can cross-promote each other at the same time. The opportunities are endless!

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